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July 2006

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The Retreat Rules


These are the rules, as laid down by The Retreat administrators, for the organization as a whole as it exists within the game. 


The Retreat always has someone in public rooms who is clearly security and can be called on to deal with problems/concerns. Any questions concerning these rules should be directed to game admin or (in game) the administrtors.

Also, it can be assumed that acts and/or items that are prohibited by theses rules (i.e. breathplay, illegal drugs, etc) are acceptable if done discreetly and in a manner that would not alert Retreat Security.  Private rooms are not monitored except for calls for assistance, so if these activities are done within the confines of a private room or hotel room and help is never needed or called on, then no one will be the wiser.  Remember discretion is the key.



  • Always ask before touching. – Never touch another’s body, clothing, or equipment without their express permission to do so.


  • Intoxication of any kind that leads to unsafe or objectionable behavior will not be allowed.  – No illegal drugs are permitted in any Retreat facility.  Alcohol will not be allowed in public play areas and anyone visibly under the influence will not be allowed in dungeons.  All smoking must be done in designated areas or outside only.


  • You are not required to do anything that you’re not comfortable with. – If you’re feeling uncomfortable or have any questions or concerns, please contact a Retreat Staff member.  There is one always on duty in public dungeons.  They should be able to address your concerns or refer you to someone who can.


  • Everyone is entitled to courteous treatment. – A person need not act dominant or submissive to you until you have agreed and negotiated such.  Remember, an offer to play isn’t an insult.  If you decline an offer, please do so as politely as possible.


  • Keep your play safe, sane, and consensual.   Some play is prohibited outright in public play areas and some should only be attempted by experienced players. 


    • Prohibited play in public dungeon areas include:
      • Any play involving strangulation or suffocation.
      • Anything involving firearms (or other projectile weapon).
      • Scat or piss play.
    • Play that should only be done by experienced players.
      • Electricity play.
      • Piercing
      • Cutting
      • Bloodplay
    • Bondage should not, at any time, hinder circulation, feeling, or balance.
      • Always have someone who is bound to a fixed object under close supervision by someone who stays within twenty feet of the person bound.
      • To prevent injury, a person whose hands have been secured behind them or at their sides, or a person whose legs have been restrained in any way, will be escorted by a spotter after the scene who will not leave the individuals side.
    • Make sure the area around your scene is clear and that you are always aware of your backswing so you do not inadvertently hit anyone.


  • Think carefully about with whom you are sexual.  Always remember the risks involved.


    • Condoms will be used for all vaginal or anal penetration in public play areas.
    • It is recommended, but not required, that some sort of physical barrier is used for oral acts in public play areas.
    • The Retreat recommends, but does not require, safes for any sexual acts in private areas.
    • In all scenes, bodily fluids (semen, blood, etc) should be contained and thoroughly cleaned up when over.
    • Do not use any piece of equipment that may have another’s fluids on it.  Never leave soiled equipment where another might happen upon it.  Remember, cleaning staff is on call at all hours.

***NOTE:  The retreat offers complimentary condoms and dental dams in all public and private play places for the safety of its members.  It is recommended that all individuals who participate in any sort of penetrative sexual acts take advantage of them.***


  • Always respect the privacy of scenes in progress. – Do not interrupt a scene and make sure to watch from a non-intrusive distance.  The only time you should ever join a scene in progress is with the dominant’s permission.  (It’s always a good idea to wait to be asked.)  Never make negative comments about a scene where the players can hear.

***NOTE:  If you ever have any safety concerns about a scene in progress, you can seek out one of The Retreat’s security.  Never try to handle the situation  yourself.***


  • Always respect other people’s privacy. – Never disclose another person’s name, address, phone number, or other personal information without their express permission.  To do so is grounds for immediate expulsion and further action from Retreat Administration.  Also, any and all photography, taping or other recordings of scenes without consent and/or without going through The Retreat’s public affairs office is grounds for expulsion.

  • Never harass other members or Retreat staff. – If you’re turned down twice, do not make a third request to play.  The words “Please leave me alone” are considered a ‘social safeword’.  Do not hang around or try to speak to the individual any further.  Also, single members are not necessarily here as dates or partners for other single members.  Respect this.


  • Violence, threats, or challenges will not be tolerated. – If you start a fight, over-react to another’s provocation, or threaten another person in any way (or challenge someone to a fight) either inside of the Retreat or out, it is grounds for expulsion and possible criminal action.


  • Decisions made by Retreat security are binding. – If you fail to obey the organizations rules, you may be ordered to leave the facility.  If you refuse to leave after security has told you to, it could result in the suspension of membership and access to The Retreat.


  • During public play, safewords will always be used.  – If someone calls their personal safeword, or the Retreat’s safeword (oranges), then all play must cease at once.  The word ‘safeword’ being called is in itself an emergency signal and indicates the person calling it wants outside help/intervention from security to end a scene or that they need urgent assistance.  The safe ‘signal’ within Retreat play areas is ‘two thumps’.


  • You are responsible for the actions and behavior of  your guests. – All members may bring guests to The Retreat if they receive prior approval from the Administration.  All guests must be over eighteen.  You will be responsible for your guests and ensuring that they are aware of what sort of facility the Retreat is and making sure that they are emotionally capable of handling being exposed to this sort of environment.